3 min readFeb 26, 2022


The AnySniper Launchpad Phase

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By educating investors and protecting their DeFi investments, the overall systemic impact of AnySniper will be to prevent capital from flowing unwittingly into scam contracts and honeypots. On the flip side, greater capital will flow into the DeFi projects which fully deserve recognition and funding. We always encourage meme coins because they let investors generate quick profits. At the same time, we notice that projects offering real utility struggle to raise much needed capital from investors. Blockchain and DeFi being integral to the future of human society, AnySniper will contribute to its construction by securing capital inflow to projects which deliver real utility.

The first leg of this strategy will be centered on transaction volume generated owing to the safe and robust AnySniper platform.

As discussed in Phase 1 & 2, the Anti-Rugger and smart trading functionalities of AnySniper will channel a large volume of investment from traders, both whales and retail.

We are confident that whale investors will deploy significant capital in low and micro cap projects via AnySniper owing to sheer range of Anti Rugger utilities on offer. Similarly, retail investors will be induced to invest via AnySniper because of its safe trading functions coupled with sniping and gas efficiency functions being made available at a low cost that nobody else offers.

With Phase 2 implemented, the individual AnySniper trading ecosystems will be integrated via our native cross swap. Consequently, it will permit the investors in different EVM compatible blockchains to freely transfer their capital to other EVM blockchains where they can continue using AnySniper to make smart and efficient trades in projects which catch their eye.

With AnySniper becoming the multi-chain fulcrum around which safe meme token and small cap investment occurs, the eyes of the DeFi world will be upon us.

We intend to leverage the trust gained and attention focused upon AnySniper to develop the AnySniper Launchpad which shall incubate, vet and launch the safest DeFi project launches across EVM compatible blockchains.

A whale may want to take an early position in the most promising DeFi projects. A retail investor may be looking to ape happily into a launch with no fear of being rugpulled. Investors from both extremes (and everyone in between!) will be able to leverage our trading platform to execute quick and safe transactions in the blink of an eye. Additionally, the sheer transaction volume moving through the AnySniper DApp coupled with its reputation for integrity and investor protection would engender unrivalled confidence around the projects launched from our very own Launchpad, making such projects much sought after.




Level the playing the field in the DeFi space by giving access to a sniping tool for everyone