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Actions speak louder than words. The AnySniper team believes in delivering the tech and building the marketing around it. Therefore, deployment of the V1 DApp on the Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, Matic, and other EVM compatible blockchains will not signify the end of its development process. Our team will remain open to all feedback on the DApp and look to continually fine tune the platform.

We fully expect that malicious and fraudulent token developers will buy $SNIPE to gain access to the AnySniperDApp and our ‘Snipers! Chat’ in order to monitor the manner in which we track their activities and educate our investors. Developing something like AnySniper means that our team is committed to fighting a guerrilla war with fraudsters, and we declare our full commitment to this conflict so that we may clean up the DeFi trading space.

Having deployed an affordable cross chain advanced trading platform offering unrivalled features to its users, AnySniper will become the gateway through which risk-averse capital gets deployed on the major blockchains of the world.

Be it Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche or Matic — each blockchain has its own ecosystem with a pool of passionate participants.

The AnySniper team favors no network in particular — our objective is to change the way DeFi is done across the board. As such, the AnySniper trading platform will remain identical on every blockchain, barring the native $SNIPE token which will enable access to its utilities.

In Phase 1, the router used by AnySniper executes swaps only between the target tokens and native coin of the blockchain on which the DApp is deployed.

As the team pushes forward to Phase 2, we shall deploy and integrate our native cross chain swap onto the AnySniper Dashboard, such that a user on one blockchain can convert his holdings into, or transfer his liquidity to an entirely different blockchain. This will render multiple legs of transactions redundant for a user, such as withdrawing his funds from the DApp to the native wallet of the respective blockchain before swapping it on a native DEX and transferring it via a bridge or a CEX to another blockchain.

An effortless swap that AnySniper users can leverage to transfer liquidity from one blockchain to another with a single click will be a groundbreaking trading alternative to the extant cross chain infrastructure.

Conceptually, the benefits of such a move are self-evident — tremendous savings on gas for transactions and radical reduction in the complexity involved.

AnySniper will thus make blockchain use intuitive and seamless for new users and encourage mass adoption.

Doing so will supply greater liquidity to DeFi projects regardless of what native blockchain they are deployed on, creating new possibilities for arbitrage between blockchains for savvy investors.

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Level the playing the field in the DeFi space by giving access to a sniping tool for everyone