The AnySniper DApp

The AnySniper DApp is no simple sniping bot, despite the premise inherent in its name. The genesis of our project was in the sniping experiments of our Dev over the past two years, but the AnySniper DApp is far more ambitious in its scope. We intend to build a multi chain smart trading platform that protects DeFi traders by placing a wide range of trading and arbitrage utilities at their fingertips. Using the AnySniper DApp, $SNIPE holders will be able to trade faster, with deep trading insight, and be protected by the functionalities of the AnySniper smart contract from rugpulls and scams.

We believe strongly that our integrated smart trading platform will change the way DeFi trading is done across blockchains because it offers unrivalled utilities to traders of all shapes and sizes.

On one hand, the sniper bot and smart buying and selling functions empower the average retail trader to enter and exit DeFi projects in a gas efficient, quick and painless manner. On the other, DeFi whales will, for the first time, have a robust trading platform that will allow them to protect their large investments by instituting the Take Profit/ Stop Loss trading functions coupled with the ability to frontrun malicious actions by rogue DeFi developers. This offers DeFi a historical opportunity for a simple reason: hitherto, DeFi whales have typically shied away from investing big at token launches or in its early stages because of the increasing chances of getting rugpulled.

By drastically reducing the chances of such losses, AnySniper will engender a veritable revolution in DeFi small cap trading because whale investors using AnySniper will finally feel safe enough to go in large even at launches. Higher liquidity for good projects creates better prospects for the honest developers in this space.

Similarly, whale activity in their favourite projects will also encourage retail traders to trust such projects with their hard earned funds, creating a win-win situation for all!

Upon deployment, the AnySniper DApp V1 will offer an integrated suite of services which will include:

2. Take Profit / Stop Loss Trading Functions:

3. Frontrun Rugpull / Anti-Rugger — which frontruns malicious contract actions such as:

4. Configurable Gas Fees — Easily manipulable gas fee settings capable of being configured as multiples of the gas fee prevailing on the ETH blockchain at the moment of transaction, putting you at the front of the line, always.

5. Multiple Wallets to execute simultaneous buys, getting around contract restrictions such as max transactions and max wallets.

6. Integrated Contract Analysis and Simulation on the DApp:

7. Contract Integrity Analysis on the DApp, which assigns a risk weight to the contract functions of target tokens (setFee, removeLiquidity, disableTransfer), empowering investors to assess the safety/risk associated with investing in a token.

8. Gas Efficient Manual Buy and Sell — As the AnySniper DApp employs its own router to execute transactions for ETH tokens, on an average each buy/sell transaction via the AnySniper DApp tend to be significantly more gas efficient than Uniswap. The DApp permits users to input gwei to ensure that even the manual buy and sells through the DApp are executed on priority on the blockchain.

A quick run through of the above underscores one simple fact over others — AnySniper is not just about sniping. It is a smart trading platform with functionality that all DeFi investors will find tremendous value in, whether they be whales or smaller retail traders.

It goes without saying that the list of functions above is not an exhaustive one. Our intention is to dominate the market by building a multi-chain smart trading platform and we are committed to working tirelessly towards this goal.

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