The AnySniper CA Channel — A Beginner’s Guide

A Bird’s Eye View

The AnySniper automated analysis of DeFi token contracts

A Closer Look

How should this data be used, ideally? You could:

  1. Click the hyperlink to the Owner’s wallet. That will allow you to see activity that leads up to a token launch, such as the initial liquidity being deposited in the Owner’s wallet, the Vulture contract being created, certain contract functions being modified, liquidity being added and trading being enabled.
Owner’s wallet for $VULTURE at its launch
The $VULTURE token contract at launch

Certain Nuances

In addition to these, of course, one of the finest set of data points provided to $SNIPE holders are the manner in which the contract’s owner interacts with the token contract, and what measures have been put in place to counter an instant buy

Small details, but important ones
  1. Liquidity entails the contract interaction whereby a token owner adds liquidity to the token contract. Typically, this is when one can buy a token instantly. Of course, this can change from one contract to another! Certain owners may have to enable trading. That would also be detailed in our Contract Analysis.
  2. Limits indicate what is the maximum percentage of a token’s circulating supply you can purchase, and the maximum such purchases you can fit into a single wallet. So, for instance, in the Vulture token, you could buy a maximum of 1% of its tokens in a single purchase, and one of your wallets could hold a maximum of 2 such purchases (1%*2). These functions allow a smart contract deployer to limit early instant buys by imposing low max transaction limits, in some cases.
  3. Tax details are self explanatory. Tokens, be they meme or utility, levy taxes on buy and sell transactions to fund an array of purposes. Always be cautious about high taxes and take the effort to track how they are used!
  4. Anti-Sniper particulars are critical when configuring an instant buy. Dead blocks indicate such blocks in the token contract which are configured in a manner that defeats the purpose of buying early. In the Vulture token, for example, if you had bought in during the first 5 blocks, the sell tax for you would have been 100%, rendering it an effective honeypot for the buyers in the first 5 blocks.
  5. The Contract Hash, as stated above, is a small but thoughtful addition which allows you to identify identical contracts that have been deployed previously. As always, assessing the implication of the fact that there are previous identical contracts is entirely up to each $SNIPE holder!



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