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6 min readFeb 9, 2022


AnySniper gang! The second week of February is proving to be exciting. We shall soon share the first AnySniper Whitepaper. ‘First’ because it discusses our project as it stands today.

DeFi has transformed rapidly between 2020 and the present day, and investors such as yourself have become well informed, inquisitive and demanding — rightly so.

We have all borne witness to the rise and fall of hordes of meme tokens and so-called utility tokens in these last 2 years. In many ways this DeFi journey has been good — for all its faults, it has allowed the market to mature and the investors to become wise. Meme projects continue to generate a lot of short term interest but investors are beginning to realize that capital needs to be moved into long term, utility based projects in order to make not just real profits but generational wealth.

Realizing this, the last few months have seen meme projects fall over each other to sell their ‘utility’ to investors, however superficial or short lived.

At odds with this trend, with AnySniper, I strongly believe in delivering the tech and building the marketing around it. This is because our team respects the intelligence of $SNIPE holders and the hard earned capital invested by them. Visionaries understand that Decentralized Finance lies at the heart of the promise offered blockchain technology. With AnySniper, we intend to be participate in this future, to help build it and to help protect it. Making empty promises and missing deadlines is not how we want to play this game and so, after we launch our platform, monitor adoption and achieve our initial milestones, we shall take steps to publish future AnySniper whitepapers.

To begin with, let us dwell on a phrase that we have laid stress upon in our descriptions of AnySniper in our website as well as our Medium posts. That being our intention to ‘level the playing the field in the DeFi space by giving access to a sniping tool for everyone’.

When I stealth launched the $SNIPE token and worked on the first few calls, there were immediately a few criticisms around the marketing.

Some doubts were raised about whether it was ethically sound to ‘call’ a token that grants open access to a sniper bot. Such comments reflect the instinctive distrust that the word ‘sniper’ creates in the DeFi space. The reason for this is obvious — 2021 saw the genesis of hyped launches that were both fair and stealth in nature and offered opportunities to the best equipped traders to ‘snipe’ these launches.

There are legendary examples of snipes at launches, including one in a project I shall not name, where the sniper successfully made off with 699 ETH.

Naturally, these incidents created a buzz around launches and also a lot of disappointment to the average investor who couldn’t manage to get in early and scalp good profits. Token developers also took lessons from these experiences to try and put into place mechanisms to prevent sniping, with mixed results.

What, then, is ‘sniping’?

Fundamentally, a sniper at a token launch is a buyer who gets in first, before other buyers. Such a buyer naturally benefits from a steep price rise and is able to make exponential profits within minutes.

A sniper isn’t about doing harm, it’s about using technology. Using technology to best exploit the manner in which transactions are executed over the blockchain to pull off the quickest buy order. This involves identifying the correct contract address for a token, identifying the proper gas fees and programming the correct buy order in time.

As such, these are things any investor can do. However, the average investors is not as tech savvy as the typical sniper. More importantly, the speed at which such buy orders have to be executed demands that it be executed by bots rather than humans. Such bots are indeed available in the market, but they aren’t easy to access. Because they’re well sought after, sniper bots typically costs many thousands of dollars. Even if the average investor could afford such a bot, he would have to face the greater danger — that of security. There are many stories of innocent investors buying bots that require access to their private key which eventually ended up draining their wallets!

Such are the barriers which prevent the ordinary DeFi investor from accessing the technology needed to be a sniper. And like I have stated above, sniping is not bad — it is merely using the existing and underlying technology of the blockchain more efficiently and more effectively.

Until now, access to such tech was in the hands of a few, who monopolized the opportunity to accumulate early and sell smart. With AnySniper, we intend to offer general access to such tools so that every investor is empowered to use blockchain better and hopefully, to make greater profits.

Snipers are a part of the DeFi ecosystem. This cannot be changed by token developers, whether they choose stealth launches or fair launches. AnySniper can solve this ‘problem’ by making its sniper tool available to everyone.

Any fair launch can be a truly fair release.

Thanks to technology, everyone will know the exact launch time down to the millisecond and all the buy orders will be executed actually on the basis of the network speed & the nodes that each individual AnySniper uses.

$SNIPE holders will become more talented by using AnySniper

Learning what it takes to execute quicker buys on the Ethereum ecosystem. In time, they will seek to improve the infrastructure they use such as their network speed and nodes.

Necessity is the mother of innovation and the democratization that will be ushered in by AnySniper is bound to change the way DeFi is done.

We are not here to create a new generation of snipers who ‘damage’ project launches, but rather to empower the average investor so that we can solve the problem of sniper monopoly at launches. In other words, we hope to solve the unfairness that plagues token launches at present.

To this end, let me close by talking about $SNIPE holding and the access it grants to the AnySniper dApp.

In the initial stages of our token and project launch, we were trying to work out the best way to use $SNIPE to token-gate access to the AnySniper dApp. Early holders know that our initial position was that holders of 8 million $SNIPE tokens would be granted access to the sniping utility.

To be honest, however, that lies in contradiction with our stated goal of leveling the playing field in DeFi, by granting a premium to early buyers of $SNIPE and later large investors, who are already whales in this space. With this in mind, we have decided to grant access to the sniping utility of the AnySniper dApp to all $SNIPE holders whose holding as of the moment of dApp use is more than 0.3ETH.

This value will be ascertained by the dApp at the moment of use. This decision allows us to grant wide access to our platform’s core utility to all our investors and achieve our stated goal. This position also shores up the token value in the long run because it will prevent price dumping as more people on the edge of 0.3ETH won’t be able to use it when the price of $SNIPE goes down and will be incentivized to buy more tokens. To be clear, though, $SNIPE holders who possess 8 million tokens or more will continue to be entitled to certain perks in AnySniper functionality, which will be announced in due course.

In order to fund future development of the AnySniper suite of services, profits arising out of dApp use will be taxed (details of which will be announced after platform launch), thereby ensuring robust value creation for all investors in the time to come.

By doing this, I believe strongly that each $SNIPE holder will grow, hand in hand with the AnySniper. Together, let us change the way DeFi is done!




Level the playing the field in the DeFi space by giving access to a sniping tool for everyone