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Build and They Will Come

$SNIPE was launched on January 22, 2022. Investigative investors would notice how the first message in the AnySniper TG channel was a post by the AnySniper contract bot announcing the deployment of the $SNIPE contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Clearly, our Dev has a dry sense of humour. But more importantly, this tells you something fundamental about our project — he prefers letting the tech do the talking.

At AnySniper, this is our belief — place the technology front and centre and build the marketing around it.

In this past fortnight, deadlines have been set and honoured repeatedly. The $SNIPE token itself was stealth launched (and sniped!).

Liquidity was locked for 6 months and contract renounced. Within an hour of launch, the first snapshot of the AnySniper trading platform was shared with investors and within 7 hours, the first video of the Dev explaining the bot utility was published. Since then the Dev and the AnySniper Gang have grown from strength to strength.

Our first Medium post shared our philosophy behind building the AnySniper platform.

More particularly, it underscored that ‘AnySniper will level the playing field in DeFi by offering access to cutting edge trading insights to its users, equipping them with extraordinary control over their holdings as well as potential investments, with a core focus on preventing scams by rugpull developers.’

A fortnight after launch, it is time to discuss the platform in some detail. So what are the features that AnySniper offers to its investors?

1. Instant Contract Read.

We analyze the contract code for every token as soon as it is deployed in the blockchain network, even before it is available for trading on an AMM like Uniswap or Pancakeswap.

How does this give you an edge?

This AnySniper functionality reverse engineers the Solidity bytecode of the target token so that investors do not need to wait for the contract owner to publish its source code. Like we said in our first Medium post, a token contract is not readable on the blockchain until it is verified. With AnySniper, this barrier stands removed. Investors who can read Solidity will be armed with earlier access to the contract code. For our investors who cannot read solidity (yet!) — do read the next point.

2. $SNIPE Contract Analysis Bot

Holders of $SNIPE are offered exclusive access to the $SNIPE Contract Analysis channel, which provides deep insight into the commercials of the target token contract.

In doing so, the $SNIPE bot provides our holders the following insights into a target token, amongst others:

  • The name and symbol of the token.
  • Contract addresses of the token and its owner.
  • The balance in the owner’s wallet.
  • Token transaction tax for buy & sell orders (identify potential honeypot tokens before they are launched).
  • Slippage required for successfully executing token transactions.
  • Max transaction limits imposed by the contract creator for various reasons, including anti-whale measures (our $SNIPE contract, for instance, allows only a max purchase of 9,999,999 tokens!).
  • Max wallet size permitted by the target token contract (in our case, 1% of total $SNIPE circulation).
  • The contract function identifying when its owner adds liquidity and permits token trading.
  • The number of dead blocks at launch, identifying the first safe block for trading.

How does this give you an edge?

Early contract insights protect $SNIPE holders from falling victim to honeypots and dead blocks.

Another widely experienced heartbreak for AMM users is failed transactions at hyped token launches.

This can happen for various reasons — you didn’t know the max transaction limit or fat fingers meant you keyed in the wrong slippage.

Maybe you sought to execute a buy order in a dead block or prior to the contract owner permitting trading.

Finally, there’s no losing sight of the fact that you’re a human being and so you just aren’t quick enough (think about all those precious seconds it takes you to copy a contract address from the TG of a hyped launch and then paste it in Uniswap!).

There is a world of pain in seeing hundreds of dollars lost in gas fees paid for failed transactions — no more of that, with the $SNIPE bot.

Ah, now we come to the fun part.

3. Front-Run Rugpull Developers

Your security is at the heart of AnySniper. More importantly, we are committed to building a cross chain DeFi ecosystem where rugpulls become near-impossible. One of the most powerful features of AnySniper is its ability to track owner wallets actions of the target tokens and fore warn $SNIPE holders such that they can automatically ‘see’ these actions before the malicious developers execute them.

How does this give you an edge?

Imagine a situation where you have invested your hard earned money in a project floated by a malicious ‘developer’. There’s myriad ways in which such individuals can steal your money. This might be by blacklisting wallets of holders, pulling liquidity from the token, disabling the sell function in a token contract, and so on.

AnySniper does not merely notify you the moment it identifies such malicious developer action on the blockchain, but also goes ahead and liquidates your position in the soon-to-be rugpulled token by selling your entire holding before the developer’s transactions can go through! Get out of a rugpull, before the rugpull.

Rug-kill it

4. Take Profit / Stop Loss

Gone are the days when the bulls and bears of the stock market conventionally traded from the morning till evening on weekdays and got to take weekends off. Crypto is 24/7, all over the planet. We love the rush it brings, but it also means little sleep for DeFi degens. The AnySniper team knows well how nerve wracking it is to watch the charts all the time. For $SNIPE holders, we offer a (truly) revolutionary solution.

AnySniper is the first trading platform to offer a Take Profit / Stop Loss functionality on DEXs across the leading blockchains in the world.

  • Identify the target profit price (or profit percentage) at which you want to liquidate your token holding in any project — AnySniper sells automatically for you when the target is hit.
  • Identify the target loss price (or loss percentage) at which you want to liquidate your token holding in any project — AnySniper sells automatically for you when the target is hit.

How does this give you an edge?

$SNIPE holders get to sleep.

5. Multi-Wallet Management

Ease of use is a core concern in designing AnySniper. $SNIPE holders will be able to monitor and manage multiple wallets via the dashboard. This will include the ability to use the snipe function simultaneously from multiple wallets.

How does this give you an edge?

Reduces the scope of the recurring error we see in the preceding paragraphs — human error.

Multi-Wallet Management reduces the need for you to run manually from one wallet to another to execute buy or sell transactions. Let us say that a target token mandates a max wallet at buy. With the Multi-Wallet Management function, you can even buy 1% of the tokens at the same token price using different wallets. Had you done this manually, buy pressure would have pushed up token price by the time you executed your buy order in the second wallet. And your transaction would also have failed due to slippage. Not to forget the gas fees lost on a failed transaction.

6. $SNIPE Snipers

The name ‘AnySniper’ is not a misnomer. Every great undertaking starts from a germ of an idea and this is true for our project as well. The AnySniper Dev has long been a Solidity developer and DeFi trader. The primary function of our platform was a bot that he developed, used and perfected over time. At one point, he decided to grant the average DeFi investor access to his sniping bot and so, here we are.

  • Unrestricted access to the AnySniper Snipe Bot for holders of a specified number of $SNIPE tokens.
  • Snipe even the most professional of snipers by being the first buy at launches of hyped tokens.
  • Identify target wallets of professional snipers or whales so that AnySniper copies their traders on your behalf — ‘Set and Forget’!

How does this give you an edge?

Holding the specified number of $SNIPE tokens means unrestricted access to the AnySniper Sniping bot. Being the first buy at hyped launches means profits of many Xs. Recoup your $SNIPE investment in a launch or two, diamond hand your $SNIPE holding as you use the AnySniper platform across blockchains to generate super profits for all time to come. Oh, to be clear, you aren’t just going to be able to snipe token launches with AnySniper. You will also be able to bag the most sought after NFTs across blockchains. Generational wealth, anyone?

This turned out to be a more elaborate introduction than planned, dear $SNIPE holder. Suffice to say that one of our guiding principles is ‘Build, and they will come’. Admittedly an unconventional approach in the DeFi space, but then again, our Dev intends to deliver a cross chain DeFi trading platform like none other. And we have only just started scratching the surface!

At this stage of the project, the Dev is focused primarily on testing of the beta version of the AnySniper platform and then moving towards platform launch. You can expect our next Medium post to discuss the ways in which $SNIPE tokenizes access to the AnySniper platform.

This is an oft-asked question (and for good reason), but we request your faith and patience. The Dev is putting a lot of thought into creating the most optimal structure for a tiered access to AnySniper features for $SNIPE holders. This is because AnySniper was created with the goal of leveling the playing field in DeFi. To do so, we seek to be as fair as possible in offering access to DeFi investors to certain AnySniper’s services, whilst also ensuring robust value creation for loyal $SNIPE holders. We hope to be able to publish further details about AnySniper tokenization at the earliest.

Until then, do not forget — with $SNIPE, DeFi wins!


Level the playing the field in the DeFi space by giving access to a sniping tool for everyone