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In the ancient Mediterranean, Athens rose to power on the back of the trieres, a battleship staffed with three rows of oarsmen that guaranteed extraordinary speed. To quote J.F.Coates, whose research led to the construction of the finest modern replicas of the fabled ship, ‘the trieres was a lightly built, slender vessel of elegant and extreme design, packed with 170 skilled and highly trained citizen and other hired oarsmen. It was both maneuverable and fast, perhaps the fastest human powered ship of all time…’.[1]

The trieres (or the trireme as we know it) was a veritable juggernaut — engineered to the extreme, ensuring a marriage of speed and maneuverability such that it could challenge larger opponents head-on.

The developmental approach behind AnySniper is somewhat similar — marked by the spirit of adventure, agility and initiative, elements which we believe are sine qua non for success in DeFi.

It is now 2 months since the launch of $SNIPE and we have hit a number of milestones in this short period. Around 10,575 transactions have interacted solely in depositing and withdrawing ETH to and from our DApp beta, which holds about $67,589 worth of ETH as on date. It has been quite a few days since the number of $SNIPE holders rose above 500. We have published our Vision for the project’s three initial phases and are presently working towards achieving Phases 1 and 2 simultaneously. In doing so, we realized that certain fundamental changes ought to be made to our DApp to bring it in line with the Vision.

As it is our stated goal to become the gateway through which risk-averse capital gets deployed on the major blockchains of the world, it makes abundant sense to layer our DApp services in such a manner as to encourage adoption from DeFi users who are not $SNIPE holders (yet). While the AnySniper V1 beta was geared entirely towards usage by $SNIPE holders seeking to leverage our instant buy, TP/SL and anti-rugpull services, the V2 beta adds to this by allowing DApp users to trade tokens listed on SushiSwap and DegenSwap, along with UniSwap and that too, with great ease.

From trading DApp to a DEX Aggregator

Thus, in quick succession, AnySniper has already become a true DEX Aggregator in addition to the utility already on offer. The ability for ordinary DeFi traders to use our DApp without holding $SNIPE will be implemented soon so that they may leverage the technology on offer.

For the moment, we shall use this short post to dwell on the changes in the UI between AnySniper DAPP beta V1 and V2.

The DApp V1 Dashboard (with Escrow structure)
The DApp V2 Dashboard (DEX Aggregator + Multi Wallet Support)

Two significant structural changes have been implemented while making this move. Firstly, the Escrow Account has been removed, and the waterfall structure constructed around it has been simplified. Secondly, the Main Account has been merged with the Sub Accounts and so in V2, a user need only deposit ETH (or BNB, etc.) directly into the ‘Accounts’. Each account holds all of the funds required for individual trades, that is, for the buy / sell, gas fee and token approvals prior to sale.

A small but powerful change in V2 is the ability to export the private key to each of your accounts to our MetaMask wallet. In doing so, we sow the seeds of our DApp accounts becoming user wallets in the future. As of today, once you export your private key to your wallet, you have the freedom to manage the tokens therein for the long term.

In the ‘Actions’ Section, you can see that a drop down menu exists which permits you to choose between UniSwap, SushiSwap and DegenSwap as on date. Support for all other swaps will be added incrementally.

Two small elements need to be taken note of. In V2, the ‘Precheck Tx’ simulates a transaction before executing the same, to check whether your buy/sell will be successful. Note, however, that this should be left unchecked in case of Instant Buys because the latter forces your transactions through without checking, to ensure instantaneous buys. In addition to this, the ‘Original Router’ option allows a user to utilize the native router of the DEX in question, be it UniSwap or PancakeSwap. Note however that using the Original Router means you do not benefit from the protection offered by our proprietary DApp’s protection for gas fee losses on failed transactions. Moreover, it exposes you to the risk of being targeted by sandwich bots that frontrun your transactions! This risk increases manifold in the case of 0% tax tokens, so it might just be wise to leave the Original Router unchecked in such instances. We are committed to empowering you with a powerful trading tool, but the final choice will always remain yours.

With these changes in our DApp beta, we fast track our path towards becoming a single-point trading platform that offers multi-chain solutions. In the very near future, $SNIPE holders will be stakeholders in the most cutting edge DEX Aggregator and cross-chain swap that DeFi has to offer. Our reward lies in seeing our holders rewarded for their support of the project.

[1] J.F.Coates, ‘Reconstructing the Ancient Greek trireme warship’ (Endeavour, New Series, Volume II, №2, 1987)

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